St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra

Founded in in 1994 on the initiative of Prof. Donatas Katkus, this orchestra was named after St. Christopher, the patron saint of the City of Vilnius. During the years of its existence, the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra has become renowned for the remarkable range of musical styles it covers.

While the ensemble is often labelled as a „baroque orchestra“, it‘s repertoire features opuses by over thirty Lithuanian composers ranging from early music to the works by students of the Lithuania Academy of Music.

Non-Lithuanian composers are on the repertoire too, and the orchestra has played in such prestigious venues as Theatre de Champs Elysée in Paris, Berlin Schauspielhaus, Köln Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall, Moscow Tchaikovsky Hall, etc.

The orchestra is well known as a daring innovative ensemble, which is keen on expanding its repertoire and is constantly involved in a number of original projects, such a jazz performances, rock operas or pop events. One of its most sensational performances was the project in the air balloon and Trakai sand pit, which involved the orchestra playing on a „sand stage“ along with tractors and petrol transporters under the baton of Donatas Katkus.

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Music and machines

St Christopher Chamber Orchestra wanted to create a link between music and technology, and therefore engaged young students from the Vilnius Technical University as collaborators in a unique concert. The concert was held in the turbine hall at the Museum of Energy and Technology. The ensemble composed short pieces for the students to play, with the technical instruments, old machines and turbines as musical instruments. This concert report describes the process and outcome of the project.

Staging a concert at the Devil's Hole

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra staged a concert in the Devil's Hole, a geological monument in a Lithuanian forrest. The aim was to attract both nature lovers, adventurers and those seeking events with a strong atmosphere. The concert was a great success with more than 600 people attending the event. This report sums up the benefits and challenges of ditching the concert hall in favour of a hole in the ground.

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra

Founding Year: 
Artistic Director: 
Prof. Donatas Katkus
Chief Conductor: 
Prof. Donatas Katkus
Contact Person: 
Jurgita Murauskienė
Stiklių g. 8, LT-01131, Vilnius
Number of annual concerts: 
Repertoire profile: 
Baroque to jazz to contemporary

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