Marco Borggreve


Are the boundaries between high and low art gradually disappearing? Lunapark don't think so at all.

But there are areas in new music where there is room for a large variety of styles — that's what Lunapark believe in and find interesting.

Lunapark aims to bring this wide range of music to the stage. The name of the group stands for the mechanical aspect in the works it performs. But also for excitement, adventure, fun, unexpected curves and loopings, and a panoramic look at the blue sky.

Lunapark has worked and performed together with artists like Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, Michael Torke, Ralph van Raat, Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) and Puzzle Muteson.

According to Dutch newspaper Het Parool, “Lunapark is one of the most fun and inspiring new music ensembles of our time.”

Lunapark has shared the following New:Aud resources:

New music at the jazz club

The Dutch ensemble Lunapark brought new music to the audience at a jazz club in a relaxed, informal setting. They presented the piece Bulp by Donacha Dennehy, and contrasted its acoustic minimalism with the electronic minimalism of Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda. This report in brief describes the aims and results of the concert.

A concert experience beyond the standard format

The Dutch ensemble Lunatree created a one hour non-stop performance where the pieces were connected by a soundscape, achieving a sense of “theatre for the ears”. The aim of the concert was to create an intimate setting for the audience and musicians to get together and enjoy previously unheard music. This case report describes the concept of the concert and sums up the do's and don'ts of the experiment, emphasizing the benefits of creating an informal atmosphere and mingling with the audience.


The Netherlands
Founding Year: 
5 - 18
Artistic Director: 
Arnold Marinissen & Anthony Fiumara
Contact Person: 
Arnold Marinissen & Anthony Fiumara
Tilburg and Eindhoven, Holland
Number of annual concerts: 
25 - 35
Repertoire profile: 
Digital folk music, acoustically performed