KammarensembleN was formed in Stockholm in 1984 dedicated to the performance of contemporary music. Their double mission is to present the ground-breaking works of modern music from the last 50 years, as well as to present the absolutely newest works, commissioned by themselves.

Being a rather large ensemble KammerensembleN has a preference for grand works with a “symphonic” expression.

The ensemble has had a major role in the establishment of contemporary music as a genre in Sweden. Virtuoso instrumentalists with a strong interest in modern music, the members hold leading positions in Swedish symphony orchestras, as well as performing as soloists in various chamber music ensembles.

KammerensembleN has for years been engaged in the process of renewing the concert form, and have hardly done a conventional concert for the last 20 years. The ensemble rather engages in projects including cooperation with other art forms like film, dance, choreography etc. Furthermore the ensemble is engaged in bringing their music to new venues in order to target a new audience.

Those who thus hear the ensemble for the first time are likely to have an astonishing experience, for KammerensembleN is not afraid of the more baffling pieces of new music, and describe themselves with the words: “explosiveness and surprise”!

KammarensembleN has shared the following New:Aud resource:

Beating drums at the museum

KammarensembleN filled every corner of the Art Museum Färgfabrikken with the sound of drums. Walking through the museum rooms the audience would meet a drum roll here, a knock there, whizzing cymbals here and the pounding of tom-toms there. It all melted together in a total installation of room and sound. The aim was to explore the concert space in unexpected ways, create links between the music and other art forms and attract a new audience. This concert evaluation report describes the project, and shares the answers from an audience survey.


Founding Year: 
Artistic Director: 
Ivo Nilsson
Chief Conductor: 
Franck Ollu
Contact Person: 
Chrichan Larson
Kindstugatan 18 nb, S-11131 Stockholm, Sweden
Number of annual concerts: 
11- 15

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