ensemble recherche

The ensemble recherche have made music history, presenting more than 500 first performances since its founding in 1985, and playing a major role in shaping the development of contemporary chamber and ensemble music.

The nine-strong ensemble of soloists plays a repertoire including classics of the late 19th century, Impressionists and Expressionists, composers of the Second Viennese and Darmstadt Schools, the Spectralists and the experimental avant-gardists of the contemporary arts. Being a contemporary ensemble they nevertheless have a returning theme of playing music that reflects to music of the renaissance.

The ensemble recherche takes pride in having a devoted and faithful audience and of the warm-hearted atmosphere concerts. Most concerts take place at Freiburg Institute for Modern Art  surrounded by modern paintings.

Playing at this venue is an important part of the concert identity of ensemble recherche, as is the tradition of having a drink with the audience afterwards.

In the NewAud project the ensemble's aim was to experiment more with the concert form in order to reach beyond their usual audience.

The concerts by ensemble recherche resulted in the following resource:

Three hours of new nordic music

German Ensemble Recherche created a concert with a programme consisting entirely of contemporary music by composers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The concert took place in a modern art collection and lasted for three hours, inviting the audience on a journey deep into the Scandinavian night. This document in brief describes the concert.

ensemble recherche

Freiburg im Breisgau
Founding Year: 
7- 11
Artistic Director: 
Sabine Franz
Contact Person: 
Tanja Ratzke
Ensemble Recherche, Ensemblehaus, Schützenallee 72 D, 79102 Freiburg, Germany
Number of annual concerts: 
More than 40

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