Located in the Parisian suburb Nanterre, TM+ performs a broad contemporary repertoire, including classics from the 20th century like Schönberg and Stockhausen as well as the youngest French and international composers. And should it fit with the programming TM+ even plays the 19th century chamber music.

Indeed programming is essential to this ensemble, who insists that a contemporary classical concert should be “one work” where the individual pieces have a meaningful connection with each other.

Founded in 1986 by Laurent Cuniot, who still leads the ensemble, TM+ has a nucleus of 20 skilfull and hard working musicians.

Being a kind of contemporary ensemble in residence in Nanterre the TM+ ensemble has its own regular concert hall in the Maison de la Musique, but doesn’t mind moving around to seek out the potential audience of the city. Performing for children and with young people is a particular skill of the ensemble. TM+ even performs with amateurs musicians fromNanterre, seeing it as their responsibility to teach people about new music. As Laurent Cuniot says: “The future of classical music is contemporary music. We can’t understand old music without listening to the new”.


Founding Year: 
16 to 25
Artistic Director: 
Laurent Cuniot
Chief Conductor: 
Laurent Cuniot
Contact Person: 
Céline Portes
Number of annual concerts: 
21- 30
Repertoire profile: 
Broad contemporary

This ensemble is participating in the following Working Communities: