Gageego! was born from the wish of a handful of Swedish musicians to play chamber music on a high level. In fact the ensemble spokesman like to use the word “amateurism” to describe the ensemble, but in the positive, original sense: Meaning someone who truly does it for the love of the art!

For indeed Gageego! is a professional ensemble! For many years it held position as a contemporary-ensemble-in-residence at the Gothenburg Concert House, and its tours abroad has brought the ensemble to Russia, Austria and Denmark.

Originally performing a broad selection of contemporary music, the repertoire of Gageego! has recently changed towards strictly new music, often in a direct cooperation with composers, and including fusion with other art forms such as theatre, dance, and graphics. Naming a particularly memorable concert Gageego! tells of their cooperation with a graffiti artist who illustrated the complete stage background during a concert, thus creating a unique fusion of live music and illustration.

The Gageego! Ensemble is, by the way, a democratic ensemble. There is no artistic director, and artistic decisions are taken by the whole ensemble.


Founding Year: 
12- 16
Artistic Director: 
The whole ensemble
Contact Person: 
Jonas Larsson
Göteborg Artist Center, Gageego!, Viktoriagatan 19, S-411 25 Göteborg, Sweden
Number of annual concerts: 
6- 10

This ensemble is participating in the following Working Communities: