Karin Borghouts


SPECTRA is a chamber ensemble with a core of eight inspired musicians who’ve worked intensively together for over a decade. Founded in 1993 they’ve worked for almost 20 years to create a unique sound and musical coherence. Focusing on music from the last decade, the ensemble contributes impassionedly to the promotion of Flemish contemporary composers on the national and international music scene.

SPECTRA creates many commissions in continuous dialogue with referential pieces, using a wide variety of presentational forms such as concerts, happenings, musical theatre and multi-media events. SPECTRA, in their own words, “play in big venues, small venues, indoor, out door and in the middle of the street”.

The undogmatic programming and idiosyncratic performances of SPECTRA are highly appraised by organizers and creative artists. It is also appreciated by the audience, for whom it is a fundamental principle for SPECTRE to reach out to and establish a personal contact to.


Belgium / Flanders
Founding Year: 
7 - 11
Artistic Director: 
Filip Rathé
Chief Conductor: 
Filip Rathé
Contact Person: 
Greet Swinnen
Hundelgemsesteeenweg 204, Bus 3, 9050 Gent (Ledeberg), Belgium
Number of annual concerts: 
31 - 40

This ensemble is participating in the following Working Communities: