Kevin Leighton

London Sinfonietta

The London Sinfonietta is one of the world’s leading contemporary music ensembles. Its reputation is built on the virtuosity of its performances, its ambitious programming, and its commitment to placing new music at the heart of contemporary culture.

In terms of repertoire the focus of London Sinfonietta is to promote British contemporary music in and outside the UK but also to feature foreign, known and unknown, composers to a UK audience. For several years the ensemble have had a close relation to leading international composers such as Stockhausen, Xenakis, Boulez and Steve Reich.

But London Sinfonietta is aware of a change in new music these years due to the fact that more and more composers work cross genre and get inspiration from all kinds of music but also from many different art forms.

Following this trend London Sinfonietta is pushing boundaries too, regularly undertaking projects with choreographers, video artists, film-makers, electronica artists, jazz and folk musicians. 

The London Sinfonietta has, in fact, quite a reputation when it comes to reaching out to new audiences through new and innovative concert forms. The ensemble pursued this work within the NewAud project with a particular focus on how to get contemporary music out of the concert hall and into new venues.


London Sinfonietta

United Kingdom
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Andrew Burke, Chief Executive
Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG

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