Musiques Nouvelles

Musiques Nouvelles can celebrate its 50 years anniversary this year, and the ensemble is proud. Founded in 1962 it was one of the first European ensembles dedicated solely to new music. Since then Musiques Nouvelles have not looked back, but always had as ambition to present the very newest music, particularly from the Belgian region of Wallonia.

Located in the town of Mons (close to the French border) Musiques Nouvelles plays for a devoted local audience, as well as doing regular concerts in Bruxelles and the rest of Belgium. The repertoire includes mostly the newest music, in fact most pieces are written specifically for the ensemble and in close cooperation with the composers. For the whole ensemble to take part in the creation has highest priority for Musiques Nouvelles.

Another important thing for Musiques Nouvelles is the spiritual element of the concerts. Though the atmosphere is casual it is also devotional, and artistic director Jean-Paul Dessy even describes Musiques Nouvelles’ concerts as “moments full of energy where the audience gets strong food for their heart and their spirituality”.

Musiques Nouvelles

Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Founding Year: 
Artistic Director: 
Jean-Paul Dessy
4a rue des Soeurs Noires, 7000 Mons

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