Aukstadvaris, Lithuania
Velnio duobė (The Devil´s hole)
R. Serksnyte, De Profundis"; J. Tamulionis, Toccata Diavolesca; G. Pelecis, Flowering Jasmine; and others
18.08.13 15:00

In a hole in the ground....

In the forest of Lithuania there's a hole in the ground named Velnio duobė. It means "The Devil's hole".

Sct Christopher Chamber Orchestra left the concert hall of Vilnius to do an unusual concert. They played in the hole, giving a concert that should attract both nature lovers, adventurers and those seeking events with a strong atmosphere.

The music was chosen for the place and included a "Toccata Diavolesca" (devilish toccata) and a setting of the old mass text "De profundis" (from the depth).