Bruxelles, Belgium
Halles de Schaerbeeck
Alberto Posadas, Cripsis; Jana Kmit’ova, Wound; Matre Orjan, Atem; Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question; Christophe Guiraud, Unbounded love
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28.01.14 20:30

The room, the acoustics, the music...

Finding the perfect room for a particular piece of music is a good starting point for a great concert experience. Or of course - finding the perfect piece of music for a particular room.

This concert project began with the dream of performing Charles Ives' The Unanswered Question in the “Schaerbeeck Hall” in Brussels. Ives' enigmatic and meditative piece would lend itself well to this huge and evocative space, thought the three Belgian ensembles who conceived the project together: Ensemble 21, Ensemble ON and Sturm und Klang.

Since then more pieces of music was added to the program - and more ideas about how to utilize the space too. The public could therefore look forward to a concert experience beyond the ordinary. A concert where the audience was seated in deck chairs scattered in the large room, a concert where three orchestras and three conductors performed simultaneously - and where the focus was on the total experience of space, acoustics and music.