Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg Concert Hall
Patricia Allesandrini: Mondgewäsche
10.09.14 13:00

Challenged musicians

Audience development is about reaching new audience – including those you don’t normally reach.

In this fascinating music project the Swedish ensemble gageego includes a group of people who are usually beyond experiencing concerts: The multi-handicapped.

From the Italian composer Patricia Alessandrini gageego has commissioned a new piece for ensemble and additional players. The players can, through interfaces, create sound with the use of their feet, eyes, noses or whatever part of the body can be used. The piece is called Mondgewächse.

This project is done in cooperation with the Swedish organisation Share Music, whose goal it is to bring music to audiences that are usually beyond reach.

The final performance of Mondgewäche is scheduled for October, however the creation process open to the public, including this workshop with the composer and ensemble. 

The Mondgewächse-project will also be featured with a speech by Sophia Alexandersson at the closing conference of NewAud.