Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki conservatory
Kirmo Lintinen, Miyazaki; Richard Strauss, Methamorphosen; Michel van der Aa, Up-Close
04.05.14 19:00

Playing with children

This concert attracted a lot of children – but there was probably more of them on stage than in the auditorium. Avanti Chamber Orchestra celebrated their cooperation with the Helsinki Conservatory with this unique concert introducing 60 children… all playing clarinet!

Indeed the clarinet plays a special role for the Avanti Orchestra. The orchestra’s artistic director is the world famous clarinettist Kari Kriikku, so it's only natural that the orchestra plays a role in the education of a new generation of Finnish clarinettists. At this concert Avanti performed Kirmo Lintinen’s “Miyazaki” – a newly written piece for chamber orchestra and 60 amateur clarinettists.

The programme also included Richard Strauss’ “Methamorphoses” as well as Michal van der Aa’s “Up-Close” for cello solo, string orchestra – and film.