Perth, Scotland, UK
Perth Concert Hall
Thomas Ades, Piano Quintet; Johannes Brahms, Piano Quintet
05.05.14 13:00

Is one concert hall as good as the other?

The venue matters of course. And one focus point of NewAud was to learn more about how various venues suit the music, how audiences respond to the venue choosen - and how one as an ensemble choose the right venue for the right music.

The Hebrides Ensemble designed this concert to take a standard format to three different venues – a regular concert hall, a theatre, and a castle. The aim was to look at how audiences respond to the concert repertoire and format, and thereby learn more about the use of alternative venues to the traditional concert hall.

You could see this concert series as a scientific experiment. But you could also just go for the music – and choose whether you wanted to hear it in a concert hall, a theatre or a castle.