Warszawa, Poland
Zacheta Gallery of Art
Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Ellipsen; and more
28.09.13 11:00

New Music for children

We want to teach them to listen, even those works that their parents would consider as difficult".

The ambitions of the Kwartludium ensemble are high, and they are determined to prove that new music is reachable for children - even down to the age of four.

Kwartludium had some experience in this though. For years they had been working with the concept "Kwartludium in Wonderland" as a way to reach the youngest audience, and their workshop concerts included equipment such as postcards, small percusion instruments - and a sand pit!

The Kwartludium concert took place during the Warsaw Autumn children’s music festival, "Little Warsaw Autumn" and the pieces of music played for the children were taken from the programme at the regular festival concerts; So if you fell for a piece of music at one of the festival concerts... you could bring your children to hear the "small" version the day after.