Riga, Latvia
Spilve Airport
Jesper Nordin, The Aisle; Gregory d’Hoop, Une roe qui tourney; Kristaps Pētersons, “Mastering of acoustics”
24.05.14 19:00

Music at the airport

The meeting between room and music was a central idea in many of the NewAud concerts.

This concert took place at an airport, however an unusual one: Spilve Airport outside Riga, Latvia is renowned for for its unique Stalinist neo-classical aesthetics and today serves as an airplane museum. Its acoustic qualities are tempting for musicians however, and Sinfonietta Riga was the first music ensemble to perform a complete concert at this unusual historical venue.

The concert included music specially chosen to fit the room and the architectural elements, and one piece of music was written specifically for this concert. Kristaps Pētersons’ “Mastering of acoustics” included the exhibited airplanes into the event, and was performed at 10 spots in the airport simultaneously.

The concert was part of the 2014 Riga Festival