Färgfabrikken, Stockholm
Kevin Volans, The Partenheim Project; Kevin Volans, Percussion concerto
08.03.14 14:00 to 09.03.14 14:00

Beating drums at the art museum

The meeting between room and music has always been an inspiration to composers; from the trumpet fanfares of the great Renaissance churches – to the weird sound installations of our time.

Over two days in March KammerensembleN filled every corner of the Art Museum Färgfabrikken with drum sounds. Walking through the museum rooms the audience met a drum roll here, a knock there, whizzing cymbals here and the pounding of tom-toms there. It all melted together in a total installation of room and sound.

The man behind the drum sounds is the Irish Kevin Volans, who compose in the borderland of music and installations, and at this concert KammerensembleN proudly presented two of his works: The Partenheim Project is a meditative work characterized by transparency and silence, but KammerensembleN found that the rooms of Färgfabrikken also called for something more powerful, and commissioned a brand new " Percussion concerto " by the composer. And that was quite intensive.

The concert took place on the 8th and 9th of March, both days at 14:00. Kevin Volkans spoke at a seminar on Färfabrikken on March 1st, where the percussionist of KammerensembleN played some shorter works by Volans.