Riga, Latvia
Latvian Academy of Science
Ed Benett, Stop-Motion Music etc.
06.09.14 19:00

Back to the concert hall

Many of NewAud’s concerts focused on getting out of the traditional concert hall.

But not this one. In fact the whole purpose of this Sinfonietta Riga concert was to re-introduce a forgotten concert hall to the citizens of Riga.

Located at Latvian Academy of Science in Riga - a Stalinist phallus of a house of the kind you see in many Eastern European capitals (usually hated by its citizens) - this concert hall was forgotten and unused for 30 years.

Now it opened again, and Sinfonietta Riga celebrated the opening with an evening that reflected the sciences inhabiting the house. Scientists and musicians came together on stage and the audience got an introduction to nanotechnology, bimolecular engineering, arts theory and much else - accompanied by fitting music.

The concert was part of Riga's White Nights Festival.