Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw University Library
Salvatore Sciarrino, Omaggio a Burri; John Cage, Freeman Etudes; Nicolai Worsaae, Du hast gesagt; Anna Berit Asp Christensen, The Singing Trees; Jennifer Walshe, Everything you Own has been taken to a Depot Somewhere; Juliana Hodkinson, Why linger you trembling in your shell?; Bent Sørensen, La Mattina; George Aperghis, Les sept crimes de l’amour; Bent Sørensen, Lullabies.
26.09.14 17:30

A walk in the park

On the day of the closing conference of the NewAud project – and as part of the Warsaw Autumn Festival – the culmination of the NewAud project was celebrated with a concert that reflected everything that NewAud stands for.

This concert was a cooperation between the two NewAud ensembles SCENATET (DK) and Kwartludium (PL) who share a vision of bringing new music to new audiences through new and extrovert concert forms.

In the park of the Warsaw University Library – which happens to be located on the library roof! – and inside the library the audience met the music here and there. A walk through park and library offered singing from the trees and piano playing from hidden corners.

The concert took place immediately after the first day of the NewAud conference, and all conference participants were invited – as well as anyone with an interest in new music and new concerts – to come and watch / listen / walk.

The "Concert walk" is a concept developed by the artistic director of the SCENATET, Anna Berit Asp Christensen. Read more about the concept on http://www.scenatet.dk/portfolio/concert-walks/